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Using Podcasting For Site Promotion

The success of any site is gauged by the conversion ratio. This is nothing but the number of visitors to the site divided by the number of actual paying customers. However, this information is not public but for the eyes of the site administration only. Since the ultimate goal of any ecommerce site is to maximize the conversion of their visitors to paying customers they must drive traffic to their site. The only way to raise the conversion ratio, however, is to drive highly targeted traffic to your site.

Traffic versus targeted traffic: In just a few words we will differentiate between targeted visitors and general visitors. Targeted visitors are visitors who are actually looking for the kind of services or products you are selling on the net and general traffic is nothing but traffic that lands at your page through search engine results without any intention to buy.

How to get highly targeted traffic: There are many ways to achieve a high targeted traffic rate to your site. Some are easier than the others. The first technique of generating traffic to a site is naturally paid advertising through pay per click campaigns and banner advertisements on the net.

The second most popular way is article marketing. However, the fast emerging ‘most popular’ way is podcasting.

How can podcasting increase traffic to your site? People get their videos and radio programs through podcast downloaded from the net. There are over one hundred million iPod owners out there all accessing the net and searching for free stuff for their iPods. If you create great videos and upload them with the proper tags that will make your podcast show up on the searches of YouTube you will be able to attract visitors to your site with cleverly created videos and sound files that can include an ad in between the video or sound file. Let us say that someone looking for free videos on a popular singer will search YouTube for it and if your podcast video has the relevant search tags it will show up in the search results.

Now, all you do is be a bit smart and include something about your online business that will direct the visitor to your site. You should also insert a short line in the video directing the visitor to your site. Do the math 100 million iPod users out there, one percent get a hold of your podcast, that works out to one million downloads and if you get even half a percent of that visiting your site you have 5000 visitors, and that is cutting this mode of marketing a lot slack. So OK, upload 20 podcasts – NOW do the math.

Are Home Based Business Opportunities For Real?

There is a lot discussed these days about home based businesses. Many people have made their fortunes operating such a business. This is why so many others will seek to follow in their path. Yet, there will be a number of other individuals that might have concerns regarding starting such a business because the notion of running a home based business sounds to good to be true. While it is certainly wise to be realistic about expectations, it is also best to avoid making biased and downbeat assumptions on the validity of a very workable business model. In other words, you can make money with a home based business if you go about things in the right manner.There are many reasons why operating a home business is a viable means of making a lot of money in the world. In the past, such ventures may have been gimmick oriented that did not truly deliver on what they promised. Today, the internet has opened a number of doors for successful home based businesses. In fact, you do not even need a home to run a home based business. In other words, you can succeed with merely employing your laptop computer as the item that is needed to generate revenues. And yes, there are many ways you can earn money simply using your computer at the mechanism for delivering revenues.In some instances, it is possible to earn money online through passive revenue streams. This means that you need not perform a task or complete a duty or close a sale to earn profits. Rather, customers will come to you with their requests. This could be something as simple as a pay per click or affiliate marketing website or it could be something slightly more involved such as using a website to promote the mail order sales of fitness DVDs. Either way, customers come to you and close the sales on their own based on how they react to the website you have produced. While it would not be realistic to say all passive marketing ventures automatically lead to huge profits, it is feasible to make significant income if you hit on the right plan of action and strategy.And, of course, it is also very necessary to employ workable strategies designed to deliver the chances of success. What does this mean? It means you need to avoid home based business opportunities that have never proven to be effective in the marketplace. Thankfully, do to the trailblazing strategies enacted by a number of successful entrepreneurs, we have a much better idea of what works and what does not work in the realm of home businesses. As such, it is easier to pick up the proverbial torch from those that have solid skills with home based business success and follow their lead. This will certainly improve the odds of succeeding to dramatic levels.